We don’t just offer great products - we can make them for you too

Not every business is the same, so why settle?

With our wide array of services we can build a personalized solution just for you

Our Co-packing services can support your long-term needs

In business, working with the right people is everything. That’s why we’re always open to forming strong partnerships with companies that are looking to use our services on a regular or contractual basis.

The benefits of working together

  • A supplier you can depend on to provide steady inventory on your terms
  • Personalized service on-call from our staff
  • Flexible pricing so you can stay on top of the market

Your product and your vision, how we can bring them together


From the type of shrimp to the branding and packaging - we want to hear what you’re looking for


Our team of trained professionals will make sure that your product meets the count, uniformity, weight, and quality you expect


We package all finished product in high-grade packaging materials to maximize moisture retention during storage and transportation

Re-work existing inventory

Need an overhaul on some product? No problem

We can redo everything from the ground up or just swap some new packaging. Customer demands can change, we'll help you change with them.

Check out our competitive rates

Please note, pricing is updated periodically. Contact Sales to make sure you have the most up-to-date prices available.

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